Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Review of The Righteous Butter.

One of my absolute favorite Soap and Glory products has to be the AMAZING The Righteous Butter!!

It is a body butter, which is basically a brilliant way of marketing a body moisturizer

It is made with lovely shea butter and aloe vera which gives it it's gorgeous smell too.

It comes in both a small and massive tub, the small tub is perfect for either trying out the product before you buy the full size, or for traveling so you don't have to pack the big tub.

I fully intend to take my little tub away with me on holiday this year as I think this stuff will be perfect for after sun or for sunburn as well as just being a comforting treat after long days with the family.

The butter itself is white and feels so soft and luxurious and the smell... oh my god, it is just perfect, I keep meaning to try the other body butters such as Daily Smooth but always seem to end up using the Righteous Butter.

It makes your skin feel and smell incredible and even my husband who keeps telling me off for buying so much Soap and Glory, can't leave my skin alone when I have used this.

I think it has even been recommended by fashion guru Gok Won on his programme.

I defy anyone not to love this stuff.

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