Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Review of Sexy Mother Pucker.

The range of Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses are very popular and there is usually one to be found in many of Soap and Glory's gift sets.

Usually the one in gift sets is the pink apricot colour.

These glosses are great, they are the type that plump your lips up so when you apply them they make your lips tingle, some people do not like this but I do and it does wear off anyway

Colour wise I have only tried pink apricot and plum juice and love them both to bits.

They are very moisturizing on the lips and of course being soap and glory they are in pretty packaging and have the funny name (Sexy Mother Pucker is apparently suggestive of swearing but of course I am much too sweet and innocent to understand lol)

A Review of Girligo

I absolutely LOVE Girligo by Soap and Glory.

It is a moisturizing mist. Like everything else they make it smells gorgeous.

Girligo comes in a pretty spray bottle and the moisturizer is easily absorbed into your skin. As it's a mist it is light and not as thick as the other moisturizers so can be used quickly.

Because of this it is ideal for everyday, I use it when I do not have time to use my main moisturizers, it feels lovely and makes your skin feel great.

You can buy it by itself or it tends to be in quite a few sets, Scentsationalism for example where it comes with Mist You Madly and Glamalot sprays.

It also came with the fabulous Pink Big set at Christmas 2010.

Girligo was originally named Flirtigo which is actually a better pun, but who cares as long as the product stays as effective as it is.

Review of Flake Away.

This time I am reviewing a body scrub by Soap and Glory.

They make several different ones but this one is called Flake Away, like The Righteous Butter it comes in the pink packaging and also like the Righteous Butter, comes in the two sizes.

Flake Away smells gorgeous, and on the tub says it is made with..

Shea butter, sugar and peach seed powder.

You can use it all over your body and a big plus is that if you used it after shaving your legs it does not seem to sting as some body scrubs/polishes tend to.

I use it after shaving my legs and washing and it leaves the skin feeling so soft and smooth.

Just smelling the tub makes me want to jump in the bath right now lol

Just like Righteous I will be taking my little tub on holiday with me.

I also have The Breakfast Scrub, which smells beautiful too, but I can't seem to leave Flake Away long enough to use it much.

A Review of The Righteous Butter.

One of my absolute favorite Soap and Glory products has to be the AMAZING The Righteous Butter!!

It is a body butter, which is basically a brilliant way of marketing a body moisturizer

It is made with lovely shea butter and aloe vera which gives it it's gorgeous smell too.

It comes in both a small and massive tub, the small tub is perfect for either trying out the product before you buy the full size, or for traveling so you don't have to pack the big tub.

I fully intend to take my little tub away with me on holiday this year as I think this stuff will be perfect for after sun or for sunburn as well as just being a comforting treat after long days with the family.

The butter itself is white and feels so soft and luxurious and the smell... oh my god, it is just perfect, I keep meaning to try the other body butters such as Daily Smooth but always seem to end up using the Righteous Butter.

It makes your skin feel and smell incredible and even my husband who keeps telling me off for buying so much Soap and Glory, can't leave my skin alone when I have used this.

I think it has even been recommended by fashion guru Gok Won on his programme.

I defy anyone not to love this stuff.

How it started

I am officially obsessed with the Soap and Glory range of products according to my husband Pete and my three sons.

I first became aware of the wonders of S&G a few years ago when a good friend bought me a set for Christmas, but it is only really since December last year that I fell in love with it all.

Pete bought me the amazing Pink Big set for Xmas in the special offer at Boots it is fantastic, 11, yes 11 FULL size products, I still keep looking at it and am now using the fabric storage box it cam with to store the many other products I have been buying since.

The products in the pink are....

The Righteous Butter

The Breakfast Scrub.

Hand Food.

Glad Hair Day.

Sexy Mother Pucker.

Scrub Your Nose In It.

Clean On Me.


Flake Away.

Shower Puff.

Off your Face Wipes.

Then there are the 3 for 2 offers...

Wish Upon A Jar.

Night In Shinning Armour.

Hocus Focus.

Another 3 for 2...

Daily Smooth

Greatest Scrub Of All.

Sexy Mother Pucker XL

Then there is always the ones I can't help buying in eBay, it's great because it's the only place you can get products that have been discontinued and you can sometimes get things a bit cheaper too. (Which let's be honest is why everyone shops for anything on eBay.)

So far on eBay I have added these to my growing collection....

Calm One Calm All.

Other colours of Sexy Mother Pucker.


Touch and Glow.

Hair Supply.

The Fab Pore.

Mist You Madly.

Mighty Mouth.

I just can't seem to help myself lol