Thursday, 3 February 2011

How it started

I am officially obsessed with the Soap and Glory range of products according to my husband Pete and my three sons.

I first became aware of the wonders of S&G a few years ago when a good friend bought me a set for Christmas, but it is only really since December last year that I fell in love with it all.

Pete bought me the amazing Pink Big set for Xmas in the special offer at Boots it is fantastic, 11, yes 11 FULL size products, I still keep looking at it and am now using the fabric storage box it cam with to store the many other products I have been buying since.

The products in the pink are....

The Righteous Butter

The Breakfast Scrub.

Hand Food.

Glad Hair Day.

Sexy Mother Pucker.

Scrub Your Nose In It.

Clean On Me.


Flake Away.

Shower Puff.

Off your Face Wipes.

Then there are the 3 for 2 offers...

Wish Upon A Jar.

Night In Shinning Armour.

Hocus Focus.

Another 3 for 2...

Daily Smooth

Greatest Scrub Of All.

Sexy Mother Pucker XL

Then there is always the ones I can't help buying in eBay, it's great because it's the only place you can get products that have been discontinued and you can sometimes get things a bit cheaper too. (Which let's be honest is why everyone shops for anything on eBay.)

So far on eBay I have added these to my growing collection....

Calm One Calm All.

Other colours of Sexy Mother Pucker.


Touch and Glow.

Hair Supply.

The Fab Pore.

Mist You Madly.

Mighty Mouth.

I just can't seem to help myself lol

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